The left bike is a Honda CBX. It was rather well crafted (for a chopper) and used most of the stock running gear. Driving it was a gas but it didn't go around corners very well.  The other bike is my more or less stock 1979 Honda CBX.  It has Super Trapp pipes, a Honda GP kit, a front fork brace and aftermarket shocks. It also doesn't get ridden enough.

Dig it, a chopper CBX. This terrible shot of my bike does not rate a large picture.
The bike on the left is a Yamaha XV920, this  Yamaha Vtwin I really liked. The bike was long and stable at speed, and made a great touring bike. It just wanted more power. The right bike is a 1978 Suzuki GS-1000 that my wife nicknamed the "Rocket Ship". It was fast and had a VERY comfortable seat. A very nice machine,  a beast of a superbike.
1982 Yamaha XV920 1978 Suzuki GS1000
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