1979 HONDA CBX Super Sport

This image speaks for itself.
The very essence of the machine.
This machine is, more than anything, a vessel to convey that marvelous engine.
 The bike is pretty standard Honda, but the engine is unlike anything else.
A thoroughly modern design it utilizes 
double-overhead cams with 
four valves per cylinder.
It has a big bore over square cylinder design which revs freely and is reliable.
Six individual Constant Vacuum type carburetors provide fuel mixture.
This bike has an after market SuperTrapp
 6 into 2 stainless steel exhaust system.
Factory power ratings for1979 model are 105 HP at 9000 RPM (crankshaft) and 
61.5 foot-pounds of torque at 8000.
 This makes for a very spirited ride.
  And, being an in-line six it offers the smoothness of an engine design
that is in perfect primary balance.

SIx Pipes says it all.

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exposed motor view

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