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  1. How do I use the  XWeb ... ?
  2. Where can I find links to other CBX sites ... ?
  3. Why doesn't my CBX show up... ?
  4. Who is CBXSIX.COM ... ?
  5. What is XWeb and why does it exist... ?
  6. When is XWeb going to change... ?

How do I use the XWeb ... ?

The XWeb is a friendly place, just like the bike it models. Everything is link-based, there are no page frames to confuse issues and there are no hidden links or other items that are used to track viewers.

From the home page you can follow links to pages that display my CBX which in turn will lead to the CBX Web Links page.  On the Web Links page you may either follow a lead to another web site (do come back ) or you may enter into the XWeb CBX image library. Here you will find many very nice bikes with each page arranged showing 6 bikes. Each image is also a link that leads to a large full screen image of that bike. From the large view pages you can page forward or backward through the 6 large image pages for each group  of 6 page. 

At the bottom of each page you will find links that will take you back a page, forward to the next page or back to the home page.

There isn't much choice at the XWeb so things are very easy to use.

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Where can I find links to other CBX sites ... ?

There are many CBX web sites on the web and I have provided links to some of them. If there is a site of interest that is not listed, please use the link on the home page to let me know and I will try to add it to the list.  If there is a link that seems unavailable when you visit, please re-visit at some time in the future to confirm that the site is in-operative. Some times sites just go down for a period of time.

The Quick Links link on the XWeb home page will take you directly to the links page, bypassing the introductory pages showcasing my own machine.

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Why doesn't my CBX show up ... ?

We are always pleased to have someone request that a CBX be added to the XWeb Image Library. If you think your machine is already shown, then you may have to hunt for the page that has your bike. There are quite a few pages so patience may be required. If you would like to add your bike to the XWeb use the link on the XWeb home page to send a message indicating your  desire and I will determine suitability and how it will fit in.

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Who is CBXSIX.COM ... ?

Simple really, I am just a long term biker that happens to be fond of the CBX motorcycle. I have owned around 20 bikes and ridden at least 200,000 miles. There are not many bikes that I have not ridden and I continue to pursue new machines although none have so far, enticed me to add to my collection.

Currently, I find myself admiring the Harley Road King and the Honda Gold Wing. Both are magnificent and of course, the primary rational is the ability to take my lady riding in comfort. This is not a strong suit of the CBX, however, I will not criticize it for that aspect. It was not built to do this real well.

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What is XWeb and why does it exist ... ?

The XWeb is a web effort done mainly to extol the virtues of the CBX motorcycle. Since I am a CBX nut and work in the computer field, this web-site seemed like a natural. I will continue to support the XWeb for the time being and will exist in some form or another for at least the next 6 years.

Simply put, the XWeb exists because I want it to. The more folks encourage me, the more likely it will continue and grow forward. If it appears stale, then I guess that means I need some input. The XWeb should reflect the CBX rider community and there is hope for greater involvement there also.

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When is XWeb going to change ... ?

The XWeb will only change in minor ways. The "look-n-feel" won't change and the basic methods of layout have been chosen. What will change are the pictures, after all, that is what it's all about. How much change is seen will be determined by how many nice CBX images I come across.  So, the XWeb will change whenever there are more pictures to add.

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